Sino Portuguese House in Phuket

"Chinpracha House" also known as "Baan Chinpracha" is over 107 years old and was built in 1903. The house was shaped is Sino-Portuguese design. The house's style was called "Angmor lounge" by Phuketians, the local people. It was the premiere Angmor Lounge in Phuket; there are actually just a few Angmor Lounges in Phuket. Angmor means Westerners or Europeans Furniture for the house mostly was Imported from China. Most furnishings belonged to his ancestors. Some pieces were imported bought from Europe. e.g. the fence from Holland and Ceramic floor tiles from Italy.

Primally known as Prapitak Chinpracha among Phuket locals, Mr. Tan Ma Siang was born in 1883 in Phuket. Mr. Tan Ma Siang was only twenty years old when he had the house built in 1903, during the late reign of King Rama 5.

The cerrent owners are sixth-generation Thai descendants of the original builder: Prapitak Chinpracha (Mr. Tan Ma Siang), son of Mr. Tan Niaw Tee, also known as Luang Bamroong Jeenprated, who was born in Fujian Region (Hok-Kian), China. Mr. Tan Niaw Yee already had been a soldier, ranked "Boo Tek Jong Kun" in 1854 during the reign of King Rama 4. He moved to Thailand to administrate a heavy industry corporation in Phuket, his first business, Tin Minnig. He already owned another business named "Lian Bee", located on the isle of Penang.

"Chinpracha House" is a historical marker, one of Phuket's cultural artifacts a prime tourist attraction.

Information by Mr. Pracha Tantavanti 5/12/2004

98 Krabi Road, Taladnua, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand 
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